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The FireQ-RVS System


FIREQ…for when seconds count

Firefighters require critical information when responding to an emergency. They need to know who is responding to an emergency and they need to know when those responders will arrive. They need to be alerted about an emergency in efficient ways and in more than one way.

FireQ-RVS is communication and management service designed specifically for firefighters. Responders receive incident alerts via pager AND via text dispatch, ensuring that all members receive the emergency alert.

Responders who are able to respond simply use their smartphone to signal their intention to respond. This information is sent to the FireQ-RVS system, ensuring the safety of each responder by providing real time information to all responders about who is responding and whether they are responding to the fire hall or the scene, as well as their estimated time of arrival. FireQ-RVS calculates how far a firefighter is from the fire hall and, using the latest in GPS and mapping technologies, calculates and displays the ETA for their arrival on FireQ-RVS system at the fire hall and the FireQ-RVS app on their smart phones.

The quality and quantity of communication has direct consequences on damages to citizens and property, as well as the safety of responding fire fighters. FIREQ-RVS provides fire fighters with essential two-way communication and redundancy.

FireQ-RVS provides responders with the following types of information:

  • Who is responding
  • Whether they are coming to the fire station or to going directly to the scene
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Information from the scene
  • Communication between firefighters
  • Directions to the scene
  • Text messages from dispatch

FireQ-RVS consists of two parts:

  • Software that is downloaded and installed on any Windows 7 or newer computer (with an uninterrupted Internet connection), ideally located at the fire department
  • A smart phone app downloaded by each active firefighter (iPhone®, Android™, BlackBerry® and Windows Phone 8®)

It is ideally suited for unmanned departments (volunteer and composite).