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The FireQ-RVS System

FireQ-RVS is a communication system and service designed to connect volunteer firefighters via their mobile phones. FireQ-RVS provides rapid response verification and has been designed for volunteer and composite fire departments to complement existing dispatch systems.

FireQ-RVS provides responders with the following types of information:

  • Who is responding and the location to which they are responding
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Information from the scene
  • Communication between firefighters
  • Directions to the scene
  • Text messages from CAD systems

FireQ-RVS consists of two parts:

  • software that is downloaded and installed on any Windows 7 or newer computer (with an uninterrupted Internet connection), ideally located at the fire department
  • a smart phone app downloaded by each active firefighter (iPhone®, Android™, BlackBerry® and Windows Phone 8®)

It is ideally suited for unmanned departments (volunteer and composite).